Module 1:
LED system for post top Acorn, lantern or contemporary type light fixtures.

Holophane LED Retrofit

Street Lighting Equip. Corp. Tower2 LED Insert

The Tower2
LED Insert

Tower2 Data Sheet

LED Information
Features & Benefits
  • Save 50% on electric bills and improve security
  • Lumen Maintenance > 50,000 hrs to 70%, (12 years)
  • 20% better cooling efficiency, allows extended warranty
  • Heat driven recirculating heat exchanger
  • Solid-state, no fan or moving parts,   RoHS Compliant
  • Field installations screw into Mogul or Medium base
  • Uses Philips Luxeon Rebel® LEDs

General specifications:
  • 4690 Lumens Cool White (70 Watts)
  • Luminaire efficacy > 67 Lm/Watt
  • Warm White CCT 3000K CRI > 85
  • Cool White CCT 5500K CRI > 70
  • IESNA type 3 or 5 or custom
  • 60/70/80/90 Watts  (choose your power savings)
  • 120-277VAC or 347-480VAC
  • Power Factor > 0.90  THD < 20%
  • Surge Protection 2.5 KV
  • UL Listed Driver,  Thermally Protected
  • FCC Title 47 CFR Part 15 Non-Consumer (Class A)

Used to substitute the HID components of specially prepared or modified luminaires.  Cooling is done with a proprietary Patent Pending air recirculation method.  LED modules that connect via a Mogul or Medium base may operate from only 2 wires, typically permitted by the high voltage Philips or Thomas Research drivers.

Units that are mounted directly to the top of ballast housing without a Mogul or Medium screw base can use multiple drivers, splitting LED banks appropriately.

Allowable drivers are Philips Advance, Magtech, Meanwell, Thomas Research.  Driver must fit within the HID ballast compartment. 

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