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LED Retrofit for Post Top Street Light Fixtures

Tower2 TM
Patent Pending  
Features & Benefits
  • Save 50% on electric bills and improve security
  • Campus,   Residential Sub-Division,   Downtown Business District
  • Lumen Maintenance > 50,000 hrs to 70%,  (12 years)
  • 20% better cooling efficiency, allows extended warranty
  • Heat driven recirculating heat exchanger
  • Solid-state, no fan or moving parts,   RoHS Compliant
  • Field installations screw into Mogul or Medium base
  • Installation same as relamping, e.g. Holophane Postlite® Glass 400
  • Uses Philips Luxeon Rebel® LEDs
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  Data Sheet & Installation Instructions
Street Lighting Equip. Corp. Tower2 LED Insert
Initially developed for fixtures that were difficult to field retrofit, Tower2 addresses more manufacturer's installed post-tops.  Finally, an LED retrofit module that maintains proper temperature in a Post Top Acorn or Lantern, or any sealed fixture.  Field installation is almost as easy as changing a light bulb.  Read the following explanation to see why the Tower2 runs so cool. 

An Acorn fixture is a closed globe made of acrylic, polycarbonate or glass.  Any light source heats the air in the globe.  The Acorn worked fine with HID lighting, and now, LEDs are being used as a light source.  HID lights don't care about heat, but LEDs are not so tolerant; heat shortens life and lowers luminance.  Consequently, those LED retrofits have operated too hot, or have operated on reduced power, UNTIL NOW. 

Conventional LED cooler in acorn
Conventional LED
in Acorn
Hot air in that globe rises to the top, but it can't escape; it cools only by conducting heat through the globe wall to the cooler outside ambient air.  To manage the heat, the Tower2 system applies several techniques to a heat exchange principle that was patented over 40 years ago. 

Tower2 cools with forced convection; it multiplies the airflow across fins for every LED.  As a result, with no fans or other assistance, Tower2 creates a negative pressure, or suction around strategic locations at the coolest section in the globe.  Suction creates turbulence to remove pockets of static air that otherwise insulates the heat source from the globe. 

Nearly all the air in a Tower2 system circulates to contact the globe surface, making an efficient conduction heat exchange at the globe.  Thermal testing shows Tower2 as 20% more efficient than a conventional finned heat exchanger, and it doesn't require attachment to the metal base.  Tower2 can be mounted with the existing Mogul or Medium socket without sacrificing thermal performance.

The Tower2 system has Patents Pending.  OEM inquiries are welcome.
General specifications:
  • 4900 Lumens Cool White (70 Watts)
  • Luminaire efficacy > 70 Lm/Watt
  • Warm White CCT 3000K CRI > 85
  • Neutral White CCT 4100K CRI > 70
  • Cool White CCT 5500K CRI > 70
  • IESNA type 3, 5 or custom
  • 60/70/80/90 Watts  (choose power savings)
  • 120-277VAC or 347-480VAC
  • Power Factor > 0.90  THD < 20%
  • Surge Protection 2.5 KV
  • UL Listed Driver,  Thermally Protected
  • FCC Title 47 CFR Part 15 Non-Consumer (Class A)
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